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Katherine Kealoha refuses to leave her cell, Councilman Tommy Waters "speechless" as HPD spends CARES ACT ?? money on 4-wheelers

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Katherine Kealoha Won't Leave her Cell at the Federal Detention Center

Convicted former Honolulu prosecutor Katherine Kealoha has refused to come out of her jail cell to meet with her lawyer.

She has twice declined to leave her cell and does not feel comfortable discussing why over the phone.

Kealoha claims to have explained why via written letter, however, no such letter has yet to be received by any party.

Full story is available via The Star-Advertiser:

HPD Defends Purchase of 40 ATVs with CARES ACT Money

HPD spent $625,000 to double its fleet of ATVs. Prior to the pandemic, HPD asserts that only 26 of its inventory were working.

HPD's recent purchase adds an additional 40 NEW ATVs, 18 NEW utility vehicles, and 9 NEW utility terrain vehicles.

Honolulu City Councilman Tommy Waters, said the spending left him “speechless.”

The chair of the Council’s Public Safety committee said the body didn’t have any oversight on how the money was spent.

“I get emails from people every day asking for help and we learn that we’re spending money on ATVs...When people are hurting, when people need help, it’s hard to justify that.”

Full story is available via HawaiiNewsNow:

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