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Attorney Paul Cunney Celebrates Birthday Week - Victor Bakke, Jonathan Burge, Dean Ho, Daniel Kawamoto round out All-star Tree o

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Attorney Paul Cunney Celebrates Birthday Week

This week local legend Paul Cunney celebrated his birthday! Mr. Cunney is known for his prolific career, revolutionary marketing, and the tree of associates well known within Hawaii's criminal justice profession.

Rarely mentioned fact: At one time Mr Cunney and well respected attorney Jonathan Burge were partners at the Office of Cunney and Burge.

Standout attorney Victor Bakke worked at the Law Office of Paul Cunney for 12 years before starting his own firm.

The Law Office of Paul Cunney was one of the first local firms to embrace television advertising. In the early 2000s, it was common to see his firm's commercial during Monday Night Football. Attorneys will also fondly remember the tagline: "The Call is Free, will YOU BE?"

Mr. Cunney is also a regular on the mainstream media, still providing expert legal commentary on today's biggest legal issues. He correctly predicted former Mayor Kenoi would be acquitted of all charges and the Christopher Deedy trial would be a hung jury.


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