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Attorney Michael Jay Green's Birthday Week

Serving Families Throughout Honolulu


Micheal Jay Green Celebrates Birthday Week!

A-1 wishes one of the greatest attorneys to ever do it, a happy birthday.

There are some lawyers that rely upon written motions to win, while others lean into their skills at trial. But Mr. Green does it all, his own way, earning successful outcomes from all arenas; state court, federal court, and especially the court of public opinion, through his masterful advocacy for clients during press conferences and news segments. Mr. Green has earned his position as an icon locally in Hawaii's criminal defense game.

Mr.Green is also a skilled story teller. He's got a style of delivery that's truly unique, and decades of interesting cases to talk about. On the podcast we did together, two of my favorite moments were:

Mr. Green talking about winning the point shaving case against John "Hot Rod" Williams, a standout college player drafted in the first round by the Cleveland Cavaliers. View here

He's also got great stories about representing cartels out of Mexico, and the trafficking of guns and drugs from the border, all through the midwest and east coast. View here

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I know its a random metric, but its one I track for bail bond business; its basically, "which defendants retained a private attorney?" My assistant reviews every felony case, and gives me a yearly report of defendants, bail amounts, and private attorney retained. Mr. Green was #1 for 2021 in Honolulu circuit court criminal cases by bail amount. Which confirms, he's still charing hard. 💪.

To listen to the Michael Green podcast, click here

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