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Attorney Marcus Landsberg ?? WINS Ewa Beach shooting case via mistrial

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Aloha, I’m A-1 Nick with A-1 Bail Bonds. In this issue of jail mail, we’ll discuss:

  1. Attorney Marcus Landsberg’s big WIN after 4 years of litigation.
  2. Client gives rave reviews of Landsberg’s representation.
  3. Mr. Landsberg plans to move to Japan, now that this portion of the case has been resolved.

Yesterday, Circuit Court Judge Catherine Remigio declared a mistrial in a manslaughter case where the defendant shot a rifle through his locked front door from inside his townhouse, killing an intoxicated 41-year-old neighbor.

The neighbor, tragically, was misidentified as an intruder, when in fact he simply didn’t have his keys and mistook the defendant’s door as his own.

Back in 2016, Judge Remigio filled the vacancy created by the retirement of former Circuit Judge Steven Alm, whom is now Honolulu's sitting City Prosecutor.

Mr. Landsberg’s client gave glowing reviews of his representation during the 4 year length of the case.

“He’s awesome, compassionate, and I wouldn’t have been able to make it without him,” said his client in an exclusive quote given to A-1.

Mr. Landsberg, who was a top nominee for A-1's 2021 "Top Gun Award," disclosed that this will be his last case in Hawaii.

“This is the last trial I’m ever going to do...I stayed here to do this trial because that’s how much I believe in his innocence.”

-Marcus Landsberg

Mr. Landsberg's plan to buy a home and move to Japan “got delayed because sometimes you got to stand up for what you believe, and do what’s right.”

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