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Attorney MYLES BREINER retained by Kaneshiro

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Aloha, I’m A-1 Nick with A-1 Bail Bonds. In this issue of jail mail, we’ll discuss:

  1. Kaneshiro retains attorney Myles Breiner
  2. Rumors surrounding counsel debunked
  3. Myles Breiner: the sword the the shield

Myles Breiner Retained by Kaneshiro

Attorney Myles Breiner appeared in Federal court last Friday representing embattled City Prosecutor Keith Kaneshiro. Kaneshiro is accused of using the powers of his office to wrongfully prosecute the enemy of a major campaign donor. In turn, the indictment alleges tens of thousands of dollars were contributed to Kaneshiro’s reelection campaign.

Rumors Debunked

Days before the indictment, a rumor was circulating that Mr. Breiner would be retained by co-defendant Dennis Mitsunaga, CEO of the architecture and engineering firm Mitsunaga and Associates Inc. As the reporting of Manolo Morales confirms, Mr. Breiner’s services were in fact retained by Kaneshiro.

What to Expect from Mr. Breiner:

Although Mr. Breiner declined to comment on this particular matter, we can speculate that his decades of experience and legendary attention to detail will be critical in untangling the web of accusations against Kaneshiro.

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