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Attorney ?? David Hayakawa ?????: Appointed to the District Court

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Aloha, I'm Nick with A-1 Bail Bonds. In this issue of "Jail Mail" we'll discuss:

-Attorney David Hayakawa's selection to the District Court

-Mr. Hayakawa's past contributions to the Hawaii legal system

David Hayakawa: A Stalwart of Hawaiian Justice, Appointed to the District Court

Aug 3, 2023, HONOLULU – The judiciary of Hawaii received a notable addition this month when Chief Justice Mark E. Recktenwald appointed Honolulu attorney, David M. Hayakawa, as District Court Judge for the First Circuit on the island of O‘ahu. Hayakawa's selection isn't just a testament to his vast experience in the legal field but also recognition of his commitment to the broader Hawaiian community.

(AI rendered Image Of David Hayakawa as a Judge) ⬆️

Mr. Hayakawa currently runs a thriving legal practice focusing on family law and criminal defense in major felony cases. His professional journey started in 1987 as a Deputy Pubic Defender. Following his public service as a government attorney, Mr. Hayakawa had immediate success as an associate at the Law Office of Howard Luke as well as Coates & Frey. Just this week, in a recent high-profile trial, Mr. Hayakawa demonstrated his remarkable legal acumen by securing a mistrial for his client. Mr. Hayakawa's meticulous cross-examinations of witnesses and adept analysis of the evidence chipped away at the prosecution's seemingly airtight case.

The aforementioned case stands as a testament to his ability to dissect complex cases, capitalize on nuanced details, and advocate fiercely on behalf of those he represents. As the legal world continues to evolve, Mr. Hayakawa's work remains a reminder of the significance of a dedicated and skilled attorney in safeguarding the principles of fairness and due process.

A-1 Bail Bonds congratulates Mr. Hayakawa on his appointment and wishes him the best in the confirmation process.

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