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Attorney David Hayakawa ????? : Poised for Excellence in the Judiciary

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Aloha, I'm Nick with A-1 Bail Bonds. In this issue of "Jail Mail" we'll discuss:

- The nomination of attorney David Hayakawa for a vacated circuit court seat

David Hayakawa: Poised for Excellence in the Judiciary

The State Judicial Selection Commission recently unveiled six nominees in consideration for a circuit court judge opening following the retirement of Circuit Judge Christine E. Kuriyama. Whomever is chosen from the candidate list, will play a critical role in overseeing high-stakes civil and criminal cases.

Among the six nominees, David M. Hayakawa, a private practice criminal defense attorney, presents a compelling candidacy for the role. Renowned for his legal acumen and innovative approach to the law, David’s portfolio boasts a range of unique capabilities and experiences that position him exceptionally well for the role.

Among such skills that differentiate Mr. Hayakawa from the field, is his unique ability to foster collaboration among diverse players within the justice system. As someone who has worked closely with David for the better part of two decades, I've had a firsthand view of his ability to recognize and mediate the different priorities of clients, HPD detectives, sheriffs, bail agents, and the judiciary.

David Hayakawa is a unifier, an executor, and an innovator. His unique blend of legal expertise, innovative problem-solving, and relationship-building abilities make him an exceptional attorney, and prime him to be an effective and fair judge in Hawaii’s Circuit Court.

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