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What is a Bench Warrant?

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Understanding Bench Warrants

A bench warrant is one type of warrant that is issued by a judge for an individual who violates court rules — also known as being in contempt of court. A bench warrant gives authorities the right to arrest the defendant and bring him or her before the court to answer to their contempt charges. If you have a bench warrant in your name, here’s what you need to know to resolve the situation.

Reasons a Bench Warrant May Be Issued

One of the top reasons a bench warrant is issued is due to failure to appear at a court hearing. Here are some other reasons why a bench warrant may be issued:

  • Failing to pay court-ordered child support.
  • Failing to appear in court when subpoenaed to testify.
  • Failing to pay fines.
  • Failing to attend a court-ordered educational program.
  • Committing a crime while out on bail.
  • Failing to comply with the conditions of bail.
  • Probation violations.

Bench Warrants vs. Arrest Warrants

Many people confuse arrest warrants with bench warrants. An arrest warrant is an order that is issued and signed by a U.S. judge or grand jury. The warrant gives law enforcement permission to move forward with an arrest based on probable cause that a person was involved in illegal activity.

How a Bail Agent Can Help

Not all bench warrants are created equal and processed the same. Since there are different types of courts, including district court and circuit court, they all have their own protocol in which they process bail. Having a bail agent assist you can help make the process go smoother. They will know how to handle each type of court and bench warrant to help keep you protected.

If you or a loved one needs assistance with an arrest warrant or any other arrest matter, we can help. Contact Us today at (808) 664-5010 for more information about the bail bonds process and to get your loved one out of jail quickly.

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