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Michael Jay Green Joins A-1 Nick on the A-1 Podcast

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I'm A-1 Nick, and I write this newsletter. With all the freed up time created by the covid-19 lockdown, I've had the opportunity to re-engineer my podcasts, which are normally done live in my studio, to over the telephone using a call recording app.

This podcast was special for me, because I was able to edit pictures and newspaper clippings into the YouTube version. After about 5 minutes of watching the podcast, MJG's voice becomes that of a narrator, bringing to life America's sorted past of organized crime in 1970's Chicago and drug running in 1980's Miami.

In Chicago, MJG was hired to represent many street gang members. Gangs such as the Latin Kings, Latin Queens, and the largest gang in America at the time, Jeff Fort's Black P Stone Nation. Just for kicks, I did some further research on Jeff Fort's gang, and found that his west coast members were also affiliated with the "Bloods" of Southern California.

MJG's biggest case, was the point shaving scandal involving John "Hot Rod" Williams, a standout college player drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

After two trials, MJG won an acquittal for "Hot Rod" Williams, whom later went on to sign the largest contract in NBA history. Although its pixelated, MJG's family is in the background of this old newspaper clipping below.

The podcast has been very well received and can be view on YouTube.

The audio-only versions may be listened to via apple podcasts or SPOTIFY.

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