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Acting City Prosecutor Dwight Nadamoto joins A-1 Nick on the A-1 Podcast

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Acting City Prosecutor Dwight Nadamoto joins A-1 Nick on the A-1 Podcast

On May 15th 2020, during the height of roughly 500 covid-19 related emergency releases from custody, acting city prosecutor Dwight Nadamoto joined the A-1 podcast to talk about the current state of affairs affecting public safety.

The controversial release proclamation has received mixed reactions from the public and as Mr. Nadamoto points out, has several flaws. For example, verified addresses were NOT required for an inmate's release, so in theory, releasees may

1) violate the government's "stay/work at home order" by virtue of not having a physical address to shelter.

2) contract covid-19 while out of custody, then spread the virus to detainees upon return to custody.

* As of today, May 26th 2020, no cases of covid-19 have been reported by any jail or prison across all islands.

A snippet of this specific question may be view on YouTube via the link below:

Stolen Stuff Hawaii, a public safety focused Facebook forum with over 130,000 members, was engaged in every creative step of the podcast process. From crafting questions to sharing and commenting on finished clips, the community's engagement helped boast many of the podcast video clips to over 10,000 views. One of the most popular clips addressed the "Good Faith" defense where suspects in some circumstances circumvent charging of Unauthorized Control of a Propelled Vehicle (UCPV), by claiming to have permission to drive the car reported stolen.

Mr. Nadamoto's response may be viewed by clicking the link below:

The FULL PODCAST #11 is available on the following platforms

YouTube: (Audio and Video)

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