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Attorney Marcus Landsberg joins the podcast, Emergency Order Amendments, Deputy Chief Justice Kuriyama orders amendment, ACO cha

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Attorney Marcus Landsberg joins the A-1 Podcast with A-1 Nick

"What are your thoughts?" is a show where A-1 Nick asks attorney Marcus Landsberg 3 questions; the questions are a total surprise.

In return, Mr. Landsberg asks A-1 Nick 3 unknown questions.

In this episode, the pair discuss:

1) Blackout Tuesday

- Blackout Tuesday (June 2nd) was a global event to protest against racial inequality.

It was a day of reflection and protest in the aftermath of George Floyd's death.

It also aimed to help highlight black voices on all media platforms.

Fireworks fly on the subject of re-opening up Hawaii, as the two debate the dangers of covid-19 moving forward.

The podcast is available on many platforms, each linked below:

YouTube: VIDEO

Apple Podcasts:


Deputy Chief Judge Kuriyama orders Fifth Amended Emergency Order #4

Here are the highlights:

1) The court will continue to utilize teleconferencing whenever possible.

2) All Jury Trials shall continue to be postponed until AFTER June 30, 2020.

3) Beginning June 1, 2020 the First Circuit Family Court along with the courtrooms located at 1111 Alakea st. 8B, 8C, and 8D, shall be opened to in-person proceedings, except to persons:

-with a fever, caugh, or respiratory symptoms.

-whom have traveled in the past 14 days.

-whom have had prolonged contact with a person suspected of having covid-19.

Full Order may be reviewed at :

Oahu ACO charged in Federal Court with Drug Smuggling

Jon Estabilio, Jr., 45, was taken into Federal custody Wednesday on charges which included: intent to distribute methamphetamine, bribery, and providing contraband in prison.

US Attorney Kenji Price announced that Estabilio was searched at OCCC on Wednesday and was found with 16 small baggies of meth along with cigarettes, lighters, and tattoo kits.

Meet Gina - A-1's Maui Bail Agent

-Licensed A-1 Bail Bonds agent since 2015

-Maui Resident

-Well respected among MPD and MCCC staff.

A Lesson from New York's Controversial Bail Reforms

A-1 has always felt that the best bail solution for any jurisdiction is to allow the courts to craft a release specific to the needs of the defendant. Using a case-by-case review, the courts should always be given discretion to engineer a release that balances public safety, likelihood to return to court, and the rights of the accused.

Don't just take it from jail mail, A-1 encourages all stakeholders to review the most recent reforms in New York and Harris Country Texas, to see exactly how restricting the court's discretion, simply hasn't produced the results promised.

Meet Manu - A-1's Kauai Bail Agent

-Licensed since 2011

-Former ACO at KCCC

-Born and Raised in Kauai

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