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Attorney David Hayakawa comments on covid-19 on KITV, Ken Lawson on Kealoha sentencing delay, Update on City Prosecutor's race

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Attorney David Hayakawa Talks Covid-19 Jury Trial Delays on KITV News

Hawaii's Supreme Court issued an order this week pushing back all jury trials until after October 2.

Before the updated order, trials were set to start September 1.

Earlier this week, criminal defense attorney David Hayakawa said the pandemic not only prolongs the wait for people in jail, it also delays jury selection.

"I can't anticipate any way that the courts can open given the COVID crisis, because I don't see how you can select a jury with 80 to 100 people with everybody using the excuse that I can't be around others and not to mention I doubt people are even going to want to show up to court," Mr. Hayakawa explained.

To watch the full segment, click the link:

In case you missed it...

Mr. Hayakawa was on episode 3 of the A-1 podcast. He goes into great detail on the "Diamond Head Shooting" on Hibiscus Dr. If you'd like to catch up on the inside story behind the tragedy, click the link below to view the full podcast:

Kealohas Sentencing Postponed

Several previous sentencing dates were postponed and the most recent, which was March 17, was canceled due to COVID-19.

Federal prosecutor Michael Wheat will provide an update to the court by Aug. 20 for a new date to sentence the group.

Legal analyst for Hawaii News Now, UH law professor, and co-director of the innocence project Ken Lawson offered an interesting prospective on his YouTube show this week.

Since federal inmates, like disgraced attorney Michael Avenatti, have been using covid-19 as cause for temporary release, if you're in the camp of wanting the Kealohas to serve their time IN CUSTODY versus house arrest, you would want sentencing postponed till after the effects of covid-19 are resolved.

Mr. Lawson makes several other points about the Kealohas sentencing at the 24:44 minute mark of his show, "The Law with Lawson." (link below)

Civil Beat & Hawaii News Now Poll shows Candidate Steve Alm in Lead for City Prosecutor

As candidate Steve Alm explains on the A-1 podcast the other week, for a candidate to win outright, 50% + 1 vote is necessary.

What's more likely to occur, is that the top two candidates will move on to the general election ballot.

As we can see from the graphic above, the second position is hotly contested between candidates Megan Kau and Jacquie Esser.

Ms. Kau was also on the A-1 podcast, so if you'd like to learn more about her positions on reducing crime, watch the full video, link below:

HPD ready to crack down on rule breakers during Hawaii's "“Act With Care — Do Not Gather” emergency proclamation

Gov. David Ige and Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell instituted a new emergency proclamation titled, “Act With Care — Do Not Gather,” with some past prohibitions and closures being reinstituted.

Here's an easy breakdown of what's legal and not.

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