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City Prosecutor Candidate Steve Alm joins the A-1 podcast

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City Prosecutor Candidate Steve Alm Joins the A-1 Podcast

Socially distanced 6 feet apart from each other, last Sunday, I interviewed City Prosecutor candidate Steve Alm.

After watching each city prosecutor debate and forum, I had decided to focus on two principles to separate my podcast from the rest: ONE, pointed questions had to be asked, and TWO, no interruptions or time limits shall intrude upon my guest's answers.

So to start, I wanted to ask point blank, "What separates candidate Steve Alm from the field?"

Next, I wanted to provide the Facebook public safety community "Stolen Stuff Hawaii" with a simple and easy explanation of what HOPE probation was, from the founder himself retired Judge Alm. The program, which is misunderstood commonly on the forum, does improve upon the framework of "probation-as-usual," by providing swift and certain consequences for misconduct. Candidate Alm goes in depth and clarifies the differences between HOPE probation versus probation.

Within a day of posting on the forum, the video received close to 6,000 views, was shared 8 times, and commented upon 18 times and counting.

Just this morning, I posted a clip of candidate Alm's stance on replacing OCCC. His preferred solution, would be to purchase the Federal Detention Center, so that the savings that may have been used on building a new jail could be reinvested into fixing the jails on the outer islands.

Here's a list of the questions answered by candidate Alm:

-How could we improve the covid-19 emergency inmate release process?

-How do avoid another Kathy Kealoha scandal?

-Should we elect or appoint the chief of police?

-How can the prosecutor's office charge defendants upon arrest, so that HPD and the Sheriff's office do not need to make a second arrest after a defendant is "released pending investigation."

-What is the “weed and seed” program?

You can listen to the audio only version on Apple Podcasts or Spotify by clicking the link below:

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