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Electing a New Police Chief, Building a New Jail? Covid-19 Emergency Releases and More W/ State Representative Takashi Ohno on t

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State Representative Takashi Ohno joins A-1 Nick on the A-1 Podcast

I was very lucky to have State Representative Takashi Ohno on the A-1 Podcast last week. I first saw Mr. Ohno on a Facebook replay of the House Committee of Public Safety's information briefing on the covid-19 emergency inmate release program.

Mr. Ohno was very critical of the release process, as he advocated on behalf of his constituents. He detailed several flaws in the inmate release program, such as:

1) no physical address required
2) no electronic monitoring required
3) no "report back" date given to releasees for a status with the court or intake service center.

Lastly, in a "drop the mic" moment, he pointed out the paradox of releasing inmates that couldn't possibly comply with the Mayor and Governor's "Stay at Home" order, while everyday citizens in transit from obeying the order could be arrested.

He was bold, but also stately in the way he delivered his criticism. That very day, I reached out to his office and invited him on the podcast to talk about the emergency releases.

Whenever I do a podcast, I create 3 or 4 short clips specific for Facebook and YouTube audiences. The most popular clip, which reached over 15,000 people on Facebook alone, was on Mr. Ohno's plan to introduce legislation to ELECT Honolulu's Chief of Police. Although it won't be introduced till the 2021 session, you can get the inside scoop on this bill by clicking the link below:

Another trending clip surrounded HB 285, which passed both houses on June 6th 2020. Mr. Ohno goes into depth about the details of this bill, which seeks to amend the Uniform Information Practices Act to allow for public access to information about suspended officers when the suspension or firing occurs after March 1, 2020.

As of today, the exemption which SHOPO lobbied for and won in 1995 still shields such disclosures from becoming public. To watch this segment, click below:

On the final clip of note, Mr. Ohno outlines a compelling argument for buying the Federal Detention Center to upgrade OCCC. This 3 minute clip is available below:

If you'd like to listen to the entire podcast on Apple Podcasts click the link below:

The YouTube VIDEO version is available below:


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