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Kathy Kealoha gets 13 years + Louis Kealoha sentencing

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Kathy Kealoha Sentenced to 13 Years for Public Corruption Scandal

At sentencing, Kathy Kealoha apologized to her Uncle, Gerard Puana for the first time, since framing him back in 2013. Puana did not make eye contact with Kealoha, instead, he simply looked straight ahead during her apology.

The frame job was Kealoha's attempt to discredit Puana in the midst of his attempts to expose her for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from her own grandmother Florence Puana.

As part of her sentence, Kealoha is to repay more than $450,000 to her victims.

In court, Judge Seabright said he used sentencing guidelines, recommendations and his own discretion to determine Kealoha’s sentence. He said he was going above sentencing guidelines, in part, as a “deterrence” to others who might use their high-ranking public positions for personal gain.

Judge Seabright also stated that given the “grotesque deprivation of civil rights” against Puana, a “variance upward” in sentencing was warranted.

Although sentencing for Louis Kealoha is ongoing as I write this, I've received a tip from a contact that the sentence will be 84 months or 7 years. This is unconfirmed, but on good authority from an insider close to this case. We'll see how things shake out, after its official, but for now, 84 months is the "coconut wireless" rumor on Louis Kealoha's sentence.

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