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Victor Bakke, Myles Breiner, David Hayakawa, and Megan Kau all commit to A-1 Podcast in 2021

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Top Attorneys Commit to A-1 Podcast in 2021

Top attorneys Victor Bakke, Myles Breiner, David Hayakawa, and Megan Kau have all committed to participating in the A-1 Podcast in 2021.

Moving forward into 2021, the pandemic's most enduring FEATURE will be the accelerant of existing trends, most recognizably ZOOM, which has become the verb for video conferencing.

Zoom, not only has a market capitation greater than the airlines listed above COMBINED, its already worth more individually than Exxon Mobil, Ebay, or IBM. Let that sink in folks, ZOOM's market cap has overtaken former industry leaders in oil, e-commerce, and computing.

Most of us within the Judicial Industry missed a HUGE opportunity to simply press RECORD on a ZOOM meeting, to produce real time analysis of the Kealoha Corruption Trial. While networks like Hawaii News Now and KHON2 were waiting for sound bites from attorneys leaving the courthouse, the rest of us could have been producing content for YouTube, Facebook Live, Stolen Stuff Hawaii, Instagram, and TikTok.

I knew I missed the opportunity BIGLY, when I kept refreshing the Hawaii News Now webpage, while I waited to confirm information I had already heard about from my legal contacts. I was so antsy to publish the information I had heard, that I did just that...and I got it RIGHT! I heard 84 months for Louis Kealoha's sentence, and I published it with a footnote that it was "not confirmed" but likely as sourced via coconut wireless.

All of the A-list attorneys that agreed to the A-1 Podcast, have also agreed to do so via Video Conferencing. This has several key advantages:

First, Professional Quality Video and Audio:

4K video can be recorded with the purchase of a $220 webcam. Yes, that's right, $220 gets you comparable quality to anything produced by mainstream media outlets.

The camera above is the same I'll be using for my 2021 Video Conference Podcasts. You can purchase the same via Amazon as well:

Secondly, experts in the legal field can release hot topic videos immediately! An expert's face is far more compelling than a quick turn around cartoon like the one pictured above. Twitter changed everything in the news world, and today, news must come out in real time, not later tonight on the 6pm evening news via broadcast television.

🤮 <--- Sometimes, I accidentally puke in my mouth when I think about getting my news "later tonight" versus RIGHT NOW on my smartphone.

Lastly, investing in a great webcam, especially the 4K Brio cam I recommend, helps you improve video quality VIA SOFTWARE, so additional lighting is not required. What separates the BRIO cam from the crowd, is the ability to auto set EXPOSURE, FOCUS, and ZOOM. This means, your face may be proportioned appropriately, with crystal clarity, all without additional lighting, since the software included with the camera allows you to adjust your exposure. Below, is the settings bar.

I'd love to invite more people to video conference podcast with me in 2021. And even if podcasting is not your thing, having a professional setup is MANDATORY for 2021.

The setup may be used to Video Conference with:

-Prospective or Current Clients
-Appear in Court via Video Conferencing
-Separate yourself from your peers by presenting a high quality, properly lighted video presentation

Checking all those boxes sure is a strength, when factoring the $220 cost. The price to value/utility proposition sure is compelling.

Be well, and I look forward to presenting more podcasts in 2021!

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