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Megan Kau opines on Capitol Place att murder & Sex Aslt (Michael Hirokawa) case, Frm Chief Kealoha $455,000 restitution, & Asian

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Podcast #18- Attorney Megan Kau Offers Legal Commentary on the Week's News

Topics discussed on the podcast:

  • "NO BAIL" request filed against Michael Hirokawa - Capitol Place Sex Assault Bail Hearing
  • Frm Chief Louis Kealoha's $455,000 restitution judgment
  • Raids on Asian Massage Parlors

On the "no bail" commitment request from the Attorney General's office:

Ms. Kau states: "This case did not qualify under the statute and that was clear...the facts of the case don't meet the criteria..The defendant has to be a serious flight risk..or he's done something that shows he's gonna tamper with the witnesses."

☝️ Above, is direct from Judge Wong's order denying the state's request for "no bail." It points out that the case did not qualify for such a commitment, since the offense was not Murder in the First Degree, which caries a possible sentence of "life without parole." Mr. Hirokawa was charged with "Attempted Murder in the Second Degree."

☝️ Furthermore, given that the victim does not reside in Hawaii, attempts to obstruct justice were clearly rebuttable.

The defendant was subsequently put on house arrest, with a GPS monitor, in addition to relinquishing his passport.

Here's the link, if you'd like to WATCH the segment on the bail motion:

To watch Ms. Kau comment on the sentencing of Kathy and Louis Kealoha, as well as the restitution order created, click the link:

To watch Ms. Kau comment on the recent Asian Massage Parlor Raid at the Century Center, click below:

Podcast #18 - Timeline

0:30 Michael Hirokawa Capitol Place Sex Assault Bail Hearing

8:41 Asian Massage Parlor Raids

10:09 Forfeited assets go straight from massage parlor to prosecutor's office?

14:00 Are raids a revenue source for the City Prosecutor's office?

15:30 Louis Kealoha's $455,000 restitution

16:30 Enhanced sentencing justified for Louis Kealoha?

17:30 $250,000 Golden Parachute Restitution order pending?

21:54 Target letter to head of corporate counsel Donna Leong

25:49 Getting in touch with attorney Megan Kau


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