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Attorneys David Hayakawa, Ken Lawson, and Megan Kau: 2020 wrap up from A-1 Bail Bonds

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Meaningful Moments in 2020

I've always wanted to do a year end awards post, however, given the fact that 2020 simply wasn't the right year to start such a tradition, I've decided to recap some of the more meaningful moments of this year.

David Hayakawa joins the A-1 Podcast

I must commend Honolulu attorney David Hayakawa for joining the A-1 Podcast to discuss the Hibiscus Dr. tragedy. Although he's known as one of the top attorneys in criminal defense, he rarely grants interviews to new-media outlets. He graciously provided many details that the mainstream media missed about shooter/arsonist Jerry Hanel. For years Hanel had provoked his clients with nuisance acts, like burning leaves only on days where the wind would carry smoke to particular neighbor's house.

Hanel's penchant for fire was well documented, and in the future, it is my hope that the details provided in this podcast help other homeowners identify and disengage from malcontents that are mistakenly treated as "quirky" when in fact they are "dangerous."

In case you missed it, the full interview is below:

One of the most meaningful moments in A-1 Podcast history, was the Black Lives Matter podcast with UH Professor of Law Ken Lawson.

I was happy to get clarification on issues that, to be frank, were completely politicized for the gain of special interests.

At the time, no one really understood what "Black Lives Matter" actually meant and often it simply triggered the response, "BLUE LIVES MATTERS" or "ALL LIVES MATTER."

Just as a recap, the movement began as a response to unarmed Black people killed or injured during the arrest process. While law enforcement officers in many visible cases were not charged, or if charged, found "not guilty," the sentiment was that the "BLACK LIFE DID NOT MATTER." Thus, the Trayvon Martin case commenced the movement to assert that, "BLACK LIVES MATTER."

Full pod available via link:

One of the last meaningful highlights I wished to feature, was the emergence of Honolulu attorney Megan Kau. She finished as the runner up in a hotly contested City Prosecutor race, and in my eyes she's a star destined for great things.

Her mind is quite spectacular. Imagine the precision of a mathematician, crossed with the spoken clarity of a playwright: there you have it, that's "Megan's mind."

Keep an eye out for her in 2021. As you can see from the viewership of my Facebook posts, anything with her name on it usually gets 6-12K views. She's leverage social media deftly to create a legal brand relating to all things judicial. She's been on the podcast several times, here is a link to a popular segment on the Michael Hirokawa case:

So long 2020, it's been real...real junk. But hello 2021, I think we're all collectively ready for a new year.

All the best from A-1 to our readership!

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