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Attorney Myles Breiner joins A-1 Podcast.- talks Kealoha Home Sale, CNN interview, Election Fraud, & more

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Myles Breiner Joins the A-1 Podcast

Funny story to start this week's newsletter..

So the morning of the podcast, I dropped into Mr. Breiner's office, just to double check our ZOOM meeting was properly set up. Every podcast is a big deal, but this one especially since I insisted he buy a specific camera and mic, just to standardize great sound and picture for this and future podcasts.

So upon entry I said, "Hellooooooo, its Nick!"

I didn't really get a response from Mr. Breiner, just a quick appearance with a few hand motions that clearly communicated "Nick, QUIET!"

Then Mr. Breiner in a voice just above a whisper said, "I'm on the line with a producer from CNN."

About 20 minutes later, I was podcasting with Mr. Breiner, anxiously waiting to upload and break news that even CNN didn't have. But then, my podcast wasn't approved for publishing by Spotify or Apple Podcasts. Even my YouTube video was flagged upon upload. I suspect anything with certain keywords was restricted, since we were just days removed from the insurrection at the Nation's capitol, and the de-platforming of certain voices was in full swing.

Last week, I re-edited Podcast #19, so that it could be aired without controversy. Despite toning down the podcast, we still were able to publish many hot takes from last week's news.

One of the best segments, was on the sale of the Kealohas' Hawaii Kai home, which freed up tens of thousands of dollars for victims wronged by the recently convicted pair. A snippet of this video may be viewed on YouTube:

Also, Mr. Breiner explains how best to fly into Hawaii and clear a bench warrant, WITHOUT first quarantining for 14 days. It's a clever little move, which allows clients to be processed BEFORE mandatory quarantine. Here's the details via YouTube:

Lastly, Mr. Breiner breaks down how private attorney clients often get accommodations that the public defender's office can't consistently provide. Specifically, filing travel permission motion for approval at arraignment and plea, not weeks later with the assigned jury trial judge.

I vented, flustered and unsatisfied, with how a client was treated whom attempted to fly into Hawaii to clear a bench warrant, followed by quickly getting permission to fly home WITHOUT spending weeks on Oahu without a job or permanent residence.

What's unfortunate, and never talked about during bail reform efforts, is narrowing the gap between what is routine with private attorney clients, versus, what's challenging and uncertain with the pubic defender clients.

When Mr. Breiner asks for travel permission at A&P, its typically granted. I want the exact same accommodation to be routine for public defender clients. Here's the full breakdown where we discuss this thesis:


Podcast #19 - Myles Breiner

0:15 - CNN interview Myles Breiner
1:00 - Criminal Charges for protestors at National Capitol?
2:29 - How to give voice to deplatformed voices - Parlor App
7:24 - Election fraud real or fake?
10:21 - Setting client up for arrest at airport
14:00 - Travel request double standard
17:37 - Kathy and Louis Kealoha's house sold for profit
27:50 - Judge Alm will be a great City Prosecutor prediction

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