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Let's Monetize Arraignment and Plea

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So tomorrow at 2pm (September 23rd), I'll be on a Think Tech Hawaii podcast. Surprise, surprise, for once I'll be the guest on a podcast, instead of my customary role as the host.

Having my own podcast, I understand the primacy of compelling subject matter and the role a guest plays in offering "hot takes" on controversial topics.

So to drive views and downloads in the near term, I'll be talking about covid-19's effect on inmate releases. As for the long term, I believe its time for the judiciary to monetize arraignment and plea hearings. But first, let's talk covid-19.

I'm a HUGE fan of risk assessment expert Nassim Nicholas Taleb. He called the 2008 financial collapse and the inevitable threat of a pandemic in his 2007 book, "The Black Swan." Because history, both recent and past, is littered with documented outbreaks, Taleb qualifies covid-19 as a WHITE swan, or "event certain to occur with significant consequences."

For months I was waiting for the opportunity to be FIRST to break the news of a covid-19 infection at OCCC. Unfortunately, the only news I'll be breaking on the podcast is heresay.

Dozens of clients I've bailed out have confirmed with me directly, that covid-19 tests were never administered while in custody at OCCC. Instead, a "protocol" was administered consisting of two actions:

First, entering inmates are asked, "how do you feel?"

Next, their temperature was taken.

Twice a day, that protocol is administered.

So long as an entering inmate didn't have a fever, he or she was cleared as covid-free; then after 14 days, eligible for reassignment to another module.

As of the last few weeks, the Department of Health has stepped in to administer legitimate covid-19 tests at OCCC. So today, tests are valid, but as for February, March, April, and May, those early numbers claiming "no covid-19 at OCCC" were questionable at best. Those early months, I wrongly assumed tests like below were administered in mass 🤧

The need for emergency releases is proof positive that our jail system is fragile. Our friends at the Department of Public safety were never given proper funding and supplies to effectively respond to a pandemic, despite having guidelines already established to combat an outbreak and months of advanced warning while Asia and Europe first responded to the virus. Our jails, our inmates, our public agencies are now undeniably fragile, but where there's crisis, there's opportunity.

The solution I offer is that the judiciary should STREAM circuit court arraignment and plea proceedings. The hearings are already recorded via Webex video conferencing, so the next step would be to stream it directly to the public for a nominal fee.

Monetizing the judicial hearings that are already being recorded via Webex has several features:

1) hearings are public, so streaming video increases access and reach to the public

2) over time, streaming revenue can be reinvested directly back into the judiciary. Even FREE steams on YouTube earn creators small shares of ad revenue.

3) stars will be born, all that was lacking was a platform to be seen.

So wish me luck on the Think Tech Hawaii Podcast tomorrow steaming live at 2pm!

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