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The F&%K You Caldwell clip ?? , Alm/Kau debate on PBS, Jason Say wins BIG case

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Mayor Caldwell has Perfect Response for Random Heckler

Quick Facts:

  • Mayor Caldwell held a press conference to disclose the extended lock down order
  • A driver heckled Mayor Caldwell by yelling "F&^k You"
  • The sign language interpreter signed "F&^k You" and it was hilarious

Everyone has been talking about it, and yes, it's hilarious. During a press conference, a driver heckled Mayor Caldwell by yelling a profanity in passing. The sign language interpreter signed the profanity, and everyone had a chuckle.

Mayor Caldwell had the perfect response to the heckler:

"Someone with strong opinions on what we're doing" said Mayor Caldwell, with a light hearted tone.

Do yourself a favor and take 10 seconds to watch the entire clip (Volume Up). Link is below. 😂

City Prosecutor Election Update: Alm vs. Kau Heats Up!

We're now at the point where either candidate Alm or Kau will be Honolulu's next city prosecutor. There are several forums streaming online to help voters choose their candidate.

Having just two choices, now voters may assess the final two candidates "head to head." Here is the latest debate, hosted by PBS.

PBS debate:

Attorney Jason Say Wins Big

Cases for repeat offenders are difficult. Deferrals are great "no jail" resolutions for first time offenders that qualify, but anytime you have a previously convicted client, deals are far harder to come by.

The other week, I was happy to find out that a mutual client had finally come to a favorable deal with the court. Mr. Say was not the first attorney involved, but he certainly was the last required to finally resolve the matter.

Tip of the cap to Mr. Say for the HUGE win!

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