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Iremamber Sykap Case - Motions to Dismiss & Disqualify DENIED by Judge Domingo in District Court

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Judge Domingo Denies motion to dismiss murder charges and motion to disqualify Prosecutor Van Marter

This Tuesday, July 20th, 2021, Judge Domingo denied the officers' motion to dismiss murder charges and disqualify Deputy Prosecutor Christopher Van Marter.

Judge Domingo sided with the government, agreeing that statutorily the preliminary hearing is allowable. After 90 minutes, and only two witnesses' testimony, the day's session concluded to restart again Tuesday, July 27th, 2021.

Noticeably absent for the public to review, was the ability to watch the hearing via ZOOM. Although there was an expectation the hearing would be available to the news and public alike via ZOOM, viewers were never let into the meeting to watch.

⬆️ Although the courtrooms, both 7D and 4A had the hearing scheduled, the host did not let ZOOM participants into the meeting. Both the courtroom itself and the ZOOM hearing were CLOSED to the public.

Given the closed nature of the hearing, the best updates for real time news was attorney Megan Kau's Facebook page, below is the handle:


Lynn Kawano's twitter was also instrumental in relaying the results of the hearing in real time. Her handle is:


Outside of the District court about 300-500 protestors showed up to support "The Three."

Across the street, about 50-100 supporters protested on behalf of the Sykap camp.

Unfortunately, a very peaceful protest on both sides was ruined by a few unruly protestors. Each camp did have a section to rally for their cause, but around 3:30pm, lines were crossed, verbal conflicts ensued, and a water bottle originally given as a peace gesture was thrown back into the pro-police crowd.

Sheriffs and Police were forced to create a wall to separate the two protesting sides.

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