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The Great Body Cam Footage Debate: New Body Cam Footage Puts Focus on Whether Police Were in Danger or Not

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Sykap Shooting: New Body Cam Footage puts Focus on Whether Police Were in Danger or Not

The preliminary hearing to determine probable cause in charging 3 HPD officers with murder in the Iremamber Sykap shooting continued on July 28th, 2021.

Central to the hearing was the introduction of new body cam footage. Despite the introduction of the video evidence, much debate persisted as to whether the footage proved or disproved officer Fredeluces was in danger when Officer Thom shot 10 times through the back window of the Honda Iremamber Sykap was driving.

Pictured above, Officer Chanel Price testified that if Officer Thom had not fired, she would have, in order to "stop the threat," she felt Sykap posed.

The new body cam footage shows 3 angles of the shooting. Missing however, was footage direct from officer Fredeluces, the officer allegedly in danger, since he did not have his body cam on.

Civlbeat has each of the 3 camera angles available at the bottom of the article, link below:

The preliminary hearing will continue August 17th and 18th 2021.

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