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Why is the Federal Probe into Fmr City Prosecutor Keith Kaneshiro Taking so Long?

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Why is the Federal Probe into Fmr City Prosecutor Keith Kaneshiro Taking so Long?

In late 2018, then City Prosecutor Keith Kaneshiro admitted to receiving a federal target letter. Only after Attorney General Clare Connors filed a petition with the Supreme Court to suspend his law license and temporarily remove him from office did Kaneshiro step aside on paid leave. Since that point, the federal probe has been ongoing, leaving many to question why the process has taken so long.

Award-winning journalist Lynn Kawano released a podcast yesterday, exploring the various reasons why the investigation is ongoing.

The most definitive answer given on the 13 minute podcast, was provided by City Prosecutor runner up, Megan Kau:

"I believe the reason why its taking so long is because they continue to dig up dirt. They went into the investigation thinking their was one crime when in fact digging into the facts and the evidence shows that there were multiple crimes."


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City Prosecutor Steve Alm to Participate in RETHINKING PROSECUTION Panel

Next Thursday, November 18th 2021, Honolulu City Prosecutor Steve Alm will participate in a zoom panel discussion on new approaches to public safety.

Federal Public Defender Minda Yamaga will join in on the panel, along with controversial activist District Attorney of San Francisco Chesa Boudin.‘i+Foundation&utm_campaign=91105650a1-2017_Summer_Alumnews_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_4358bbe6fc-91105650a1-128377112

Zoom link to register is above ⬆️

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