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Attorney Eric Seitz Sues Hpd Alleging Car Crash Cover-up: Failure to Render Aid after Causing High Speed Crash

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Attorney Eric Seitz SUES HPD: Alleges Failure to Render Aid to Now Paralyzed Teen

“Their failure to render aid ― just on a humanitarian basis ― is atrocious,” said Seitz.

“I don’t know what kind of people these officers are that an accident like this would occur ... and they would just drive away.”

Since the accident, the three officers involved have been suspended as investigations are underway.

The family of a 14-year-old boy paralyzed in a car crash in Makaha back in September has sued the city and Honolulu Police Department, alleging the crash was the result of a police chase where officers caused the crash, then tried to cover up their involvement by leaving the scene, then re-entering the scene, reporting it as a SINGLE car accident.

A witness saw multiple HPD cars involved in the accident, confirmed the officers drove away without rendering aid, then circled back to the scene as if there was no previous involvement in the accident.

“I was tripping out, like wow, you guys never even stopped to render aid,” Charles said.

One of the officers involved has been identified by the family of victim Jonaven Perkins-Sinapati as Officer Joshua Nahulu, who family members say Perkins-Sinapati encountered several times in previous years.

“We’re going to show a relationship between him and the driver that goes back years — the policeman, the driver and his family,”

“There’s been a vendetta going back for years.” said attorney Michael Green, whom is representing Perkins-Sinapati.

A motor vehicle accident report obtained by Civil Beat shows Nahulu investigated Perkins-Sinapati in connection with a motor vehicle crash with another police officer in July 2018.

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