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Attorneys Bill Harrison, Myles Breiner, Thomas Otake Show Mastery in Bail Reduction Motions + Supreme Court Extends Covid-19 Man

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Attorneys Bill Harrison, Myles Breiner, and Thomas Otake Demonstrate Skill in Bail Reduction Motions

High bail amounts, especially upon charging, keep pretrial defendants behinds bars indefinitely, unless attorneys petition the court effectively for a reduction. Three attorneys specifically have shown a talent for petitioning the court for reductions; most notably attorney Bill Harrison won a HUGE reduction on Friday.

Bail for his client was reduced from $1M to $11,000.

Mr. Harrison not only saved his client tens of thousands of dollars in fees, he was also able to fast track the creation and signature of the order GRANTING the reduction, so that OCCC would recognize the change, and accept a bond of only $11,000 Friday afternoon.

Typically orders take days or weeks to be created, then signed by the court. Getting the requisite order signed on a Friday afternoon was a record turnaround time.

At a preliminary hearing earlier in September, attorney Myles Breiner was able to get his client's bail reduced from $500,000 to $250,000.

Critical for his client was the speed at which Mr. Breiner was able to achieve the reduction. By petitioning the court early for a reduction, Mr. Breiner was able to skip the weeks long delay that typically occurs when a case is transferred from district court to circuit court.

In August, attorney Thomas Otake was able to get his client's bail reduced from $250,000 to $100,000.

The feat was quite special, since it occurred not on Oahu, but on an outer island.

Mr. Otake has shown a proficiency in bail reduction matters in all state circuits, as well as on the federal level.

A word from A-1 Nick of A-1 Bail Bonds

Bail reductions are CRITICAL for clients, since far too often bail amounts are set to an EXCESSIVE amount vs. SUFFICIENT amount.

I agree that initially, the government may be given discretion to request high bail amounts, but only upon substantial cause.

Then promptly, I believe defendants should be given an immediate opportunity to show why bail was set far beyond that which is sufficient.

It's that very dynamic which allows the court to reset bail appropriately, because often times details of a case are still in flux, and once a full review of a defendant's risk profile is evaluated, bail can then be set sufficiently.


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Hawaii Supreme Court Extends Covid-19 Response Guidelines Through November 30th 2021

Chief Justice Mark E. Recktenwald issued an order regarding judiciary operations yesterday. This order extended the current protocols required for health and safety through November 30th 2021.

Courts shall continue practices such as social distancing, face masks, and relying upon teleconference and video conference technology for certain hearings. The grand jury will also be closed during this period.

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