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Attorneys Thomas Otake, David Hayakawa, & Victor Bakke round out Jail Mail's Q1 Review of 2022

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2022 Quarter 1 Judiciary Highlights

Hi, this is A-1 Nick with A-1 Bail Bonds, your friendly neighborhood bail agent. In this quarter 1 special, I'll discuss:

1) Thomas Otake's $1.375M award for client
2) David Hayakawa's Circuit and Family Court Dominance
3) Victor Bakke's dismissal for client via defective grand jury ruling

Attorney Thomas Otake won an award of nearly $1.4 million for the family of a Halawa prisoner who killed himself while on safety watch at the facility in July of 2017.

“The violations were so significant, that the state acknowledged ― to their credit ― it was indefensible. They admitted that their violations, their negligence caused his death.”

“The treatment, in our minds, was so inhumane,” Otake added in a news conference.

Full story can be reviewed on Hawaii News Now or Civilbeat.

Attorney David Hayakawa, who many know as "The King of Family Court," is a benevolent ruler, and didn't care to have any of his accomplishments featured in this issue. Instead, when I reached out to him last week on a different matter, he was very excited for the return of ROCK 4 JUSTICE, a charity event for UH Law School students.

Mr. Hayakawa has a long history of charity work, most notably with the "Make-A-Wish Foundation." Fast forward to today, in between serving his clients, Mr. Hayakawa is constantly fundraising for the upcoming Rock 4 Justice on 11/10/22. Below is an instagram post I encourage you to watch.

To view, and just as important HEAR the announcement, click ---> Rock 4 Justice instagram page and turn your SOUND ON.

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Entering the 4th year of defending his client, attorney Victor Bakke left no stone unturned, and discovered a defect in the Oahu grand jury juror pool which dated back to 2018.

The grand jury which indicted his client, consisted of an incomplete panel where one juror was recused, and a second was not qualified to participate. With an indictment reached with a grand jury of only 7 members, a violation of H.R.P.P. Rule 6 occurred. With this violation confirmed, the court dismissed the defective indictment.

Clearly I'm not a lawyer, so please read the excerpt below, direct from Mr. Bakke's successful dismissal motion, to get the details directly from the source.

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