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2022 Predictions - Attorneys Myles Breiner, Bill Harrison, Megan Kau, Jason Burks, & Daniel Kawamoto Opine.

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Heavy Hitter Criminal Defense Attorneys Make BOLD Predictions for 2022

Happy New Year to all our loyal jail mail subscribers! When I started this newsletter, along with the A-1 Bail Bonds YouTube page and podcast, I wanted to highlight news that the legacy media companies overlooked. Believe it or not, I graduated from UCLA with an English degree, and wrote for our school paper, "The Daily Bruin." So in keeping with that mission, I reached out to several top tier attorneys, to get their thoughts on where the judiciary was heading for 2022. So buckle up, here we go with predictions for 2022!

Attorney Myles Breiner, whom over the years has rightfully earned a reputation for over-delivering, did just that when I ask him for one prediction for 2022. Here's the FOUR he gave me:

1) No jury trials and grand juries until June 2022.

*right now, the Oahu grand jury is closed till the end of February

2) Navy will not remove fuel storage.

* in reference to this story

3) Completion of rail will be extended to 2030

4) Dwayne Johnson will run for President

* I believe he was joking, but hey, why not just throw that in. 🤣

Attorney Bill Harrison is known for his innovative approach to criminal defense. I've known him for over 15 years, and my father the founder of A-1 Bail Bonds, has known him for approximately 30 years. When he makes a prediction, its usually spot on, so here's Mr. Harrison's well crafted thoughts on 2022:

"Except for substantial evidentiary matters, the 'new normal' will be video court appearances and hearings. Also courts will become more involved in resolving cases early due to the enormous backlog of jury trials."

Attorney Megan Kau is a trail blazer, a force of nature, and gifted with the ability to understand medicine, law, and accounting; quite a varied skill set. She's direct, says things once, and never stumbles in her delivery. When I reached out to her, she kept it short and sweet:

"The Judiciary will be backlogged till next year (2023)."

Attorney Jason Burks, ahem, excuse me, The Honorable Judge Jason R. Burks, was recently appointed as a First Circuit Per Diem Judge. Congratulations 🥳 !

In keeping it light, I'd argue he's on the short list of best dressed attorneys, and for me personally, its a shame that he'll have to split time between his immaculately tailored suits and traditional black judge robe. But all fashion aside, here's his prediction for 2022:

"We are going into the 3rd year of legal practice in the COVID era. The changes we have seen over the last 2 years are going to become permanent fixtures and there will be more to come. The courtrooms of 2019 and before will never return."

Attorney Daniel Kawamoto has both heart and a wicked sense humor. I doubt he remembers this, but years ago he taught me the difference between a client being "innocent," vs. "not guilty." Before that moment, as a bail agent, I truly didn't know the difference. Today, I am better for knowing that innocent people, in rare and tragic circumstances, do get charged for crimes they didn't do. These people are INNOCENT, which is different than simply "not guilty."

His first response to my prediction request breaks new ground. He sent me a meme from the movie Rocky 3:

Then, after I had a good laugh, he gave me his actual prediction:

"I think adoption of ZOOM court will be a permanent feature moving forward. Another year of it will only further solidify and normalize it."

Although I'm just your friendly neighborhood bail agent, when I googled myself to find a picture for my own prediction, a random photo I forgot about appeared. This photo is from years ago, with the late great Beth Chapman, and Duane "Dog" Chapman.

Before I give my prediction, I'd like to celebrate Beth for her strength against all odds. She didn't back down from anything or anyone; even cancer was met head-on with no fear. Her strength showed me to never be scared..never, never, never be scared.

Now for my prediction, I'm going to break a personal rule, and go political.

"Jurisdictions that chose to #defundthepolice will ALL fully fund their police departments by the end of 2023."

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