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A-1's Top Gun Nominees - Howard Luke, Jonathan Burge, and Bill Harrison

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A-1's "Top Gun" Semifinalists

Semifinalists Featured:

- Howard Luke
-Jonathan Burge
-Bill Harrison

Top Gun Nominee Howard Luke

In 2021, attorney Howard Luke continued his success in "complicated" to put it lightly, cases where experience, attention to detail, and in-depth knowledge of legal procedures were critical for success.

As a bonus credential, Mr. Luke has also been president of the Hawaii State Bar Association.

Mr. Luke now has his son Daniel taking a larger role in his practice, and I've had the opportunity to work with both. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, both are smart, detail oriented, and put clients first.

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Here is an interview Mr. Luke hosted for Think Tech Hawaii. His guest is attorney Eric Seitz.

Top Gun nominee Jonathan Burge

Attorney Jonathan Burge has a unique prospective that has helped his office continually rank highly in cases retained and successful outcomes.

Mr. Burge was a HPD officer for close to a decade and now has been a private attorney for close to 25 years. It is quite a competitive advantage to be able to pull from both law enforcement and legal experience.

From another unique vantage point, Mr. Burge is well known at both the District court and the Circuit court. Being successful in both arenas is rare, and Mr. Burge is one of the few local attorneys to consistently win in both areas.

Top Gun nominee Bill Harrison

Attorney Bill Harrison earned a "top gun" nomination the moment he got a client's bail reduced from $1M to $11,000. It's the "Reduction of the Year" from the cases I've reviewed in 2021, and standalone is enough to make this year's list.

In addition to his professional work in the criminal justice field, Mr. Harrison endlessly gives back to the community. He's been a valued member of the Hawaii Innocence Project since it's inception in Hawaii. Furthermore, he's currently a director with the Hawaii State Bar Association.


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