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Attorney ????? Ken Lawson's Lawsuit against Richardson School of Law + How ChatGPT Can Help Navigate the 107 page document

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Aloha, I'm Nick with A-1 Bail Bonds. In this issue of "Jail Mail" we'll discuss:

- Professor Ken Lawson's lawsuit against the UH School of Law

-How to use ChatGPT to summarize Professor Lawson's complaint, as well as, any other lengthy document

Diving Into Professor Ken Lawson's lawsuit against his employer & How ChatGPT Can Simplify Legal Analysis

(Yes, the picture above is an AI image re-creation of Ken Lawson, so I can keep the royalty bots off my back)

Summary of civil beat article

Instructor Ken Lawson from the University of Hawaii's Richardson School of Law has filed a lawsuit against the school. He alleges that the dean, certain faculty members, and a university provost retaliated against him. Lawson had organized a boycott against a Black History Month event that lacked significant representation of Black individuals. Following his criticisms, he claims he was unjustly banned from the campus.

Now to demonstrate how you can use ChatGPT's summarize function to get a better understanding of the news, here's a summary of the first 30% of Mr. Lawson's 107 page complaint. As you will notice, the AI model was able to add much more background into the summary; a tale of two stories!

Summary from ChatGPT based upon approx 30% of the complaint PDF

Professor Kenneth L. Lawson, a faculty member at the William S. Richardson School of Law at the University of Hawai'i, claims that he's facing retaliation and violations of his First Amendment rights. He alleges that despite his contributions, he hasn't received pay raises. He criticized a Black History Month event's lack of diversity and called for a boycott via the law school's listserv. He was then accused of creating a hostile work environment, banned from campus, and investigated. He suggests bias in the investigation due to those seeking funding for a competing institute. He's filed a lawsuit seeking relief and damages for these alleged constitutional rights violations.

My goal is always to gracefully side-step controversy, so although I'm not gonna get stuck on reporting the details of the lawsuit, I would like to offer a simple lesson on how to digest large amounts of information in seconds, so my newsletter readers can save their precious time.

ChatGPT SPLITTER is a free service that allows you to upload a PDF, like Mr. Lawson's 107 page complaint, and split it up into 8000 word segments.

Currently, AI does have limits, and splitting up the PDF is the only way at the moment to submit such a large document.

Mr. Lawson's PDF of 107 pages, breaks into 24, 8000 word segments. It's so long and complicated, that I stopped on the 7th paste, after getting a warning that the AI might start mixing up facts.

To preserve your mental bandwidth, I highly encourage leveraging ChatGPT with any large document, so that you can start with a summary of the key points.

And just in case you can't get enough A-1 or Ken Lawson, below is a link to a podcast I did with him; oldie but goodie.

Click HERE to watch Mr. Lawson on the A-1 Podcast

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