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The Excellence ?? of Attorney ????? Brian S. Kim - 381 5 star YELP reviews and counting

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Aloha, I'm Nick with A-1 Bail Bonds. In this issue of "Jail Mail" we'll discuss:

- The Excellence of Attorney Brian S. Kim

-Mr. Kim's 381 5-star reviews on YELP

The Excellence of
Attorney Brian S. Kim

The Basics Done Well

I recently teamed up with lawyer Brian Kim, and he made a complex case easy. At A-1 Bail Bonds, we send mailers that often lead to calls to attorneys. Brian Kim gathered some basic information, determined what his client needed, and helped negotiate a deal that I hadn't thought possible. Although he specializes in traffic, DUI, and district court cases, he fully understood the circuit court issue at hand. I was honored by his trust in A-1 to handle the unique situation his client was facing.

While Mr. Kim's specialty is in district court matters, his straightforward approach is effective in any legal scenario. In passing, he told me, "I like to keep it simple and do simple extremely well."

Attorney Brian Kim brings a refreshing approach to Honolulu's legal scene. Many top-tier attorneys prioritize their clients' needs, but it's rare to find that level of care combined with a flexible financial structure.

Although our professions differ—Mr. Kim is an attorney and I am a bail agent—we both aim to offer excellent service at a reasonable cost, essentially providing 5-star service at a 3-star price! And while we're on the subject of stars, lets talk about Mr. Kim's astonishing YELP rating:

With 171 approved 5-star ratings and an additional 210 unapproved 5-star reviews, Brian Kim's reputation speaks for itself. Let's not dive into Yelp's flawed system that somehow sidelines legitimate reviews. The true measure of excellence is market feedback. Talk is cheap; it's the client testimonials that really count.

Earlier this year, A-1 reworked our phone system with the goal of never missing a call. Since implementing our new system in January of 2022, A-1 has a near 100% answer rate. Our google listing number, 808-664-5010 rings to 4 agents sequentially, so YOU can reach a live person on almost every call.

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