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What Attorney Jonathan Burge ????? Found Will Shock You! ?? Hidden Secrets in Plain Sight

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Aloha, I'm Nick with A-1 Bail Bonds. In this issue of "Jail Mail" we'll discuss:

-Attorney Jonathan Burge's CRAZY "Meth Trafficking by Mail" situation

-How the Department of Public Safety has struggled to stop trafficker's scams

The Ingenious, Yet Troubling Way Attorneys Can Be USED for Drug Smuggling

Attorney Jonathan Burge was quite surprised to have unintentionally become involved in a drug smuggling scam when he received a package that was outwardly deceptive. At first glance, it seemed to merely contain stacks of paper. However, a closer inspection revealed a cleverly concealed stash: sandwiched between the front and back sheets was a piece of cardboard with drugs in the middle. The parcel was sent to him after it was bounced from Halawa due to the inmate not being in custody.

The implications of this find were vast. For Mr. Burge, the package was not only a shock but also a cause for concern. He became deeply disturbed that smugglers would use his name as a means to move drugs. Reacting promptly, Mr. Burge reached out to HPD to report and hand over the package. This event left him reflecting on the audacity of the drug traffickers, pondering over how many times they might have exploited other unsuspecting attorneys.

The incident also included insights from Tommy Johnson, an official with the Department of Public Safety. Mr. Johnson highlighted the challenges in prison and jail settings admitting that despite strict measures, the inflow of drugs remains an issue.

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