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Attorney Bill Harrison (Superman), Myles Breiner (Indiana Jones), & the Fugitive (Andrew Sorensen)

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Aloha, I'm Nick with A-1 Bail Bonds. In this issue of "Jail Mail" we'll discuss:

1) How Fugitive Recovery ACTUALLY WORKS in Hawaii.
2) We'll also have more fun with AI generated photos.

To catch a Fugitive: The Challenging Case of Andrew Sorensen

In this week's newsletter, I'll share the remarkable story of capturing a fugitive, Andrew Sorensen, who had been on the run for three months. This case sheds light on the importance of allowing bail agents ample time to track down fugitives and highlights the critical differences between commercial surety and pre-trial release systems. But first, some cool AI generated art:

Rick Sing + Marlon Brando ⬆️

Background: Andrew Sorensen's disappearance was triggered by the unfortunate passing of his mother. His mother, a wonderful woman whom taught at UH, begged me to bail Andrew out, since she wanted to give him one more shot to enter a program and turn his life around. I spent weeks disclosing the risks to her, but settled on crafting a game plan with her to house, supervise, and rehabilitate Andrew. However, after she passed away just one hearing date before Andrew's final appearance to accept probation, he went missing. He wasn't really missing, he was actually back on the streets doing drugs; and that was just the start.

Bill Harrison + Henry Cavill

The Struggle and Family Support: Although Andrew went off the rails following his mother's passing, we were fortunate to have his sister on the application. The sister, confirmed that Andrew was back on drugs, but more troubling, he also stole the birth certificate and social security card of another sibling, directly from the recently deceased mother's house. This situation highlighted the significance of family involvement in commercial surety, where family members play a crucial role in keeping defendants accountable to appear in court.

Indiana Jones + Myles Breiner ⬆️

Experience and Insights: Drawing on my experience and knowledge gained from attending seminars led by renowned experts like Dog the Bounty Hunter, Leland Chapman, and Alex "Skip Guru" Price, I approached this fugitive recovery with a strategic mindset. I employed three fundamental questions needed to start a fugitive recovery: What would the fugitive first do? Where would the fugitive go? Who would the fugitive stay in contact with? These questions helped guide our efforts

Click the link to watch the 45 second video on how each fugitive recovery should start:

Leveraging Informants: In line with the advice of seasoned professionals, we sought the assistance of informants to set up Andrew for capture. Luckily, we were able to work with his sister, who played a pivotal role in coordinating with our fugitive recovery team.

AI generated photos of what Fugitive Andrew Sorensen would look like on the run ⬇️

The Capture: By keeping Andrew's phone active, despite the loss of his mother who typically paid the bill, we successfully established a line of communication. When Andrew's girlfriend, MARA, was arrested during a police sweep, Andrew reached out to his sister for bail money to get her out. This afforded A-1 and our fugitive recovery team the perfect set up for a sting at Western Union to capture Andrew.

Here is an AI enhanced photo A-1 used to perform our investigation on Mara. Next, is a real photo of lesser quality we used as a base for the enhancements (pictured below) ⬇️

A-1's fugitive recovery team swiftly apprehended Andrew, right at the western union pick up location. Remember how Andrew stole his brother's birth certificate and social security card? The only reason why Andrew evaded both law enforcement and A-1's recovery efforts, was because he'd use the brother's personal information to hide his own identity. When Mara was picked up, Andrew avoided arrest by presenting his brother's information. Till the very end, Andrew used his brother's information to escape capture. But he couldn't fool A-1's recovery team. Here's a picture of Andrew, handcuffed, en route to the Pearl City police station, where A-1 officially surrendered fugitive Andrew Sorensen.

The Essence of Bail Agents: The capture of Andrew Sorensen epitomizes the role and responsibilities of a bail agent. It's not merely about collecting money, which is what anti-bail organization claim is all we do. The money bail agents collect, is an insurance premium charged to ensure a defendant's appearance in court. Unlike pre-trial release systems, the private sector operates with the utmost responsibility; if a bail agent fails to deliver, a forfeiture cost must be paid. When a public sector report recommends release, and a defendant fails to appear in court, no one losses a dime. In fact, the failures of the organization to secure appearances in court is used as a plea to ask for more money from the legislature for resources.

But I'll be perfectly honest with my valued jail mail readers. No matter how big the budget for government release programs grow, there is no substitute for friends, family members, and bail agents, who supervised defendants, and ensure they appear in court; plain and simple.

Conclusion: The successful capture of Andrew Sorensen marks another triumph for A-1 Bail Bonds, maintaining our long-standing track record of accountability and zero losses for 2022 on bonds written. That's right, A-1 has a 100% success rate for all bonds written in 2022.

This case serves as a testament to the commitment and expertise required in fugitive recovery, showcasing the stark differences between commercial surety and government-based pre-trial release systems.

As always, be well folks!

-A-1 Nick

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