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Attorneys Myles Breiner, Megan Kau, and Jim Bickerton Comment on HPD's Body Camera Policy

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Body Cams Turned OFF during Police Shootings Causes Concern Among Attorneys

Not every HPD officer involved in Wednesday's shooting of a man wielding a machete, had their body camera on; this trend has several local attorneys advocating for change.

“In every single police shooting in the last year -- and I've looked at about four of them now -- one officer left the camera off,” said Jim Bickerton, attorney for Lindani Myeni, the South African native who was killed by officers in April.

“It seems illogical that officers who are assigned a body worn camera do not have a built in mechanism that the moment they exit their vehicle for example, it goes on,” said attorney Myles Breiner.

“We’re looking for transparency -- our community is looking for transparency -- so it is a good idea to keep them on,” said attorney Megan Kau.

“It keeps the police officers safe, it’s keeps them honest.”

Full story is available on HNN:

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