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Attorney Bill Harrison's "Not so Secret" Neighbor Island Expansion - Jail Mail Feature

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Attorney Bill Harrison's Winning Streak Extends to the Neighbor Islands

When I ask attorneys for feedback on how A-1 could improve, as a bonus, invariably we end up talking shop about the "local scoops" in and around the judiciary. Last week, I spoke at length with attorney Bill Harrison and we discussed his neighbor island expansion and the most recent streak of "no jail" outcomes for clients in major cases.

As a bail agent, I track the private attorney retainment statistics of all felony circuit court cases. A-1's record keeping confirms Mr. Harrison has maintained and expanded his position in key statistics such as:

1) felony cases retained
2) bail reduction success
3) favorable "no jail outcomes"
4) neighbor island case retainments

While most played checkers, Mr. Harrison played chess.

The morning of his client's appearance, he reached out to A-1 to secure a bailout post-hearing. The only problem was, A-1 needed a local agent to secure a release straight from the Kona cell block. If we missed this small window, transport to Hilo (HCCC) would add half a day to detainment.

But again, chess, not checkers.

Mr. Harrison was able to get the bail reduced from $100,000 to Supervised Release (SR). He just saved his client $10,000 in the course of a morning hearing.

Just an FYI: I am finalizing a deal with a Big Island based agent, so A-1 is soon to officially be the ONLY all island bail bond company; with agents on each island.


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Mr. Harrison has always commanded a high market value as a private sector attorney. Those in private practice know that your success is dictated on a case by case basis, where you earn every retainer paid, and the select few that outperform the mean, command a premium in the open market.

As a fun factoid, Mr. Harrison has been in the private sector law game since the early 80's.

To cruise Mr. Harrison's latest result, you can check his website:

Case Results

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